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Start your courses today! Just follow these four simple steps:

1.  Choose a course

Online, immediate enrollment courses
Education on Demand's credit courses are flexible and ready when you are.  It's the perfect solution for students who find they are short a few hours from graduating after the deadline to add classes, are ready to start their education on their schedule, or want a self-paced class. Students have up to 9 months to complete a course, and if needed, can apply for a three month extension.

2.  Register

If you are new to WTAMU or a former Buff, enroll via our online registration form.
If you are a current WTAMU student register through Buff Advisor

Please note: If you are not a current WTAMU student, registration does not constitute full admission to WTAMU.

3.  Send transcripts from your previous school if you are not a WT student.

Have transcripts sent to:
Education on Demand
West Texas A&M University
WTAMU Box 60185
Canyon, Texas  79016

or email them to EducationOnDemand@wtamu.edu

Once transcripts are received, coursework will begin immediately.

4.  Pay online once your registration is confirmed.

You will receive an email within two days of receipt of your transcripts from Education on Demand with a WT ID number and instructions to pay online.

Tuition is due at the time of registration.  Immediate enrollment (C) courses do not qualify for financial aid. Accelerated courses (E, E1, E2) qualify for financial aid.

Tuition is currently $595 for a three-credit hour course and $775 for a four-credit hour course.  Graduate courses are currently $757 for a three-credit hour course. Beginning August 28, 2017, 3-hour courses cost $699, 4-hour courses cost $935, and 3-hour graduate courses cost $850.

Questions?  Call 806-651-2037 for more information.


Enrollment Requirements:      

You may enroll in an immediate enrollment, self-paced course for college credit at West Texas A&M University if you have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Enrollment in an Education on Demand course does not constitute admission to the University.

Restrictions for WTAMU Students:

  1. Financial aid is not available for self-paced courses.
  2. A maximum of 9 semester hours of self-paced study may be applied toward a bachelor's degree.
  3. Students completing a degree from WTAMU must have approval from their dean to take a self-paced class.  EoD seeks approval on behalf of the student upon student's registration in a course.  Should a problem arise, EoD will contact the student immediately to make other arrangements.
  4. Self-paced study hours cannot be applied toward a master's degree. However, these hours can be used for leveling.
  5. If seeking certification, check with the appropriate dean to ensure that self-paced courses will meet specific certification requirements.
  6. Students who have been suspended from any university may not earn self-paced course credit from WTAMU during the stated period of time.
  7. All students taking courses must be compliant with Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.

Academic Credit
Upon successful completion of a self-paced course, students will earn credit from WTAMU which will appear on their official transcript. Dropped or unfinished courses receive a grade of X, no matter the point in time at which a student drops the course. For WTAMU students, self-paced course grades are calculated into their cumulative grade point average. 

Registration Fees
Tuition for the course(s) must be paid at the time of registration. Once registration is confirmed by the registrar, EoD will send the student instructions to pay online.  MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express are accepted.

Refunds and Transfers
Fees are not transferable from one course to another. Refunds for withdrawals will only be approved if withdrawal is received within twenty calendar days following enrollment.  Refunds follow the University policy for semesters 10 weeks or longer.

Books and Materials
Required materials are listed in the syllabus or course guide, which will be furnished after registration is complete. Textbooks may be purchased from the University Bookstore.

Lesson Grades
Generally standard letter grades are issued on lessons; however, some instructors may use "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory." The course study guide will outline the grading system used for that individual course. Most, but not all, courses are a combination of lessons and exams to calculate a final grade.

When contacting professors, students should allow 48 hours for a response and up to 10 days for grading of lessons and papers.

Integrity of Work
It is imperative that each student does his/ her own work. Evidence of plagiarism by the student will be sufficient reason for the assignment of a failing grade.

Completion Time
All courses start upon registration and are to be completed within nine months of enrollment. A one-time, three-month extension may be granted by filing the extension form in the student study guide. The extension fee is $75.00.

In calculating completion time, a student needs to be aware that final exams cannot  be taken until the third week of enrollment, and instructors are generally unavailable during holidays, semester breaks and parts of the summer.

Graduation Deadline
EoD must receive completed course work and final exam(s) for WTAMU students at least two weeks before graduation, four weeks for students graduating from other schools. Otherwise, graduation cannot be guaranteed.

A copy of a student's permanent record (transcript) is available from the Office of the Registrar only by written authorization of the student. To receive a transcript, order a WTAMU transcript online.