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Education on Demand Eternal Learning Series

Eternal Learning Series

Spring 2015:

George Catlin and the Art of the American West
with Michael R. Grauer

Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs/Curator of Art and Western Heritage at the
Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Thursday, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 2014
10:30 to 11:45 a.m.
Room 1011 in the WT Amarillo Center

When George Catlin traveled up the Missouri River to the northern Great Plains in 1832, he was the first artist to paint for any length of time in the Trans-Mississippi West. Two years later, when he traveled to western Arkansas Territory (now Oklahoma), he was again the first to do so. Catlin hoped to document in paint the native peoples in the American West before they felt the effects of mass migrations of other Native American groups due to the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Although devoted to being the chronicler of the “American aborigine,” Catlin also painted “American buffalo” (bison) and this animal’s relationship and importance to Great Plains Indian lifeways. Catlin also dreamed of turning the entire Great Plains, from Montana to Texas, into a giant nature park in which wildlife and native peoples could live relatively undisturbed.

As a pioneer in the art of the American West, Catlin set the standard for the scores of artists who would follow him. This series of lectures will inform students about Catlin and how his worked transformed how we see the American West.

Cost is $50 for the series.
Register by calling (806) 651-2037


Education on Demand (EoD) at West Texas A&M University offers the Eternal Learning Series twice a year in October and April. This 'learning for life' series was developed to extend our best resource to the community. Each semester a series of topics are selected which are designed to be interesting and thought provoking, as well as providing opportunities for discussion and making new friends. The Eternal Learning Series is informal, fun and there is a no-exam environment.

Past Eternal Learning Series

Fall 2014
Integrative Health Care: Exploring What We Know About Mind-Body-Spirit Connections with Dr. Heidi Taylor and Dr. Lisa Davis

Spring 2014
"Georgia O'Keeffe, Guy A. Carlander, and Panhandle Modernism in the Visual Arts" with Dr. Amy Von Lintel

Fall 2013
"The Enlightenment: From Reason to Revolution" with Dr. David Baum

Spring 2013
"Vampires through Time: How Vampire Novels Reveal Societies' Fears" with Dr. Jean Stuntz

Fall 2012
"Orations of the Dignity of Man, Men, Ideas, Ideals in Renaissance Europe" with Dr. David Baum

Spring 2012
"All Things New Media: How Did This Happen?" with Dr. Leigh Browning

Fall 2011
"And to the Republic for which it Stands: What can Philosophy tell us about the American Dream (and vice versa)?" with Dr. David Hart

Spring 2011
"Understanding Religious Conviction" with Dr. James Hallmark

Fall 2010
"A Biographical Approach to American History" with Dr. Townsend
"United States History through the Eyes of WT" with Dr. Martin Kuhlman




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