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Educational Leadership - Obtaining Professional Certification

Educational Leadership Program

Obtaining Professional Certification

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Basic Information about Certification

Requirements for obtaining the principal and superintendent certificates are prescribed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). State certification for Texas school administrators consists of two types: full and probationary. Full certification is sought by candidates who have successfully completed their respective certification programs. Probationary certification may be obtained in special cases where candidates are hired in an administrative position prior to their completion of their required certification programs. For more detailed information about full and probationary certification, refer to the Educator Certification website. The university adviser for guidance on the school leader certification process at West Texas A&M University is Dr. Gary Bigham.

Full Certification

The steps to full certification include the following:

  1. Completing coursework and associated field experiences as required on an approved degree or certification plan.
  2. Preparing for and passing the appropriate TExES in accordance with the program’s TExES requirements and procedures.
  3. Completing the M.Ed. (applies only to candidates fulfilling M.Ed. requirements in association with certification requirements).
  4. Applying for the Standard Certificate.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS for M.Ed. / principal certification candidates currently enrolled in any section of EDLD 6299 practicum regarding the principal TExES in its transition from the 068 to the 268 (in association with #2).

Probationary Certification

Occasionally, candidates find themselves in need of certification prior to completing their certification program. Upon approval of the Educational Leadership program chair, probationary certification may be recommended to WT's certification office and the Texas Education Agency for candidates currently enrolled in a principal or superintendent certification program and employed in a professional position requiring principal or superintendent certification. Once approved by TEA, probationary certification is equivalent to full certification, but with strict time restrictions. Probationary certification may be granted for a period of one year and may be renewed a maximum of two additional years for a total of three years. If an educational leadership candidate is in need of probationary certification s/he should contact the program chair to discuss eligibility. Once eligibility has been determined, the candidate will complete the Professional Probationary Certificate requirements.



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