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Professional Certifications

Set you apart from the crowd and keep you marketable & relevant for today's workplace.

In today's rapidly changing and increasingly competitive job market professional certifications or licenses may be the fastest and most cost effective way to change careers or advance to the next level of earning.  WTAMU has partnered with experts in curriculum development, assessment, online course design and publishing to bring you the courses listed below. The courses provide preparation for a recognized industry or professional certification that shows competence in your field and helps distinguish you from the crowd.



These are not degree-path courses & are not a substitute for an associates or bachelors degree.

These courses are designed to allow you to gain focused knowledge in specific fields of study for the purpose of preparing for an assessment of skills and understanding that leads to certification or licensure.  Because testing and assessment requirements for individual certifications vary please familiarize yourself with the  details of a course, externship opportunities and the assessment process before you enroll. 




Allied Health


Real Estate



Real Estate:
CT-Real Estate 

Careers in Real Estate continue to be in popular among professionals seeking flexibility, high earning potential and interaction with the public.

WTAMU is partnering with Career Web School to offer online real estate courses. WTAMU is pleased to offer two paths for online real estate studies; one for agents and another for appraisers

Please familiarize yourself with the details of the programs offered, the number of hours, accrediting bodies etc. before enrolling.  Don't forget to come back to get your real-estate CEU's after you have you license.


Online Courses


Texas Real Estate Pre-license Package
Texas Promulgated Contract Forms
  • Texas Mandatory Prelicensing Course: 180 hours of coursework delivered  when and where you want with this mobile and tablet-ready, hassle-free Sales Prelicense course.
  • Texas Exam Prep: Walk into your state exam with confidence.
  • MathMaster: Clear and concise review of real estate math.
  • Virtual Study Program: Weekly live, interactive webinars to help you master key national real estate concepts.
  • The Career Webschool Quality Guarantee:
  • $599

This 30 hour course focuses on the broker-lawyer committee, commission rules, unauthorized practice of law, current promulgated forms and case studies.  Completion of this course satisfies the Texas core course requirement for Promulgated Contract Forms.  $119


Texas Principles of Real-Estate 1
Texas Real Estate Finance

This course meets the 30-hour Principles of Real Estate I core course requirement.  The course provides an overview of licensing as a real estate broker and salesperson, distinctions between personal and real property, titles to and conveyance of real estate, ethics of practice as a license holder, federal, state and local fair housing laws, legal descriptions, deeds, encumbrances and liens.  $119

This 30 hour course focuses on the set of concepts and techniques used to analyze and finance income-producing real property.  Completion of this course satisfies 30 hours of the core real estate course requirement.  $119


Texas Principles of Real-Estate 2

This course meets the 30-hour Principles of Real Estate II core course requirement.  This course covers real estate math, appraisal, finance and regulations, control of land use, licensing as a broker and salesperson (specializations), titles to and conveyance of real estate (leases and property management) deeds, encumbrances and liens, and closing procedures.  $119




Real Estate Appraisal:
CT-Real Estate 

Real estate appraisal offers a a balance of office & field work with less customer interaction than agents and more technical work.

WTAMU is partnering with Career Web School to offer online real estate courses. 

Please familiarize yourself with the details of the programs offered, the number of hours, accrediting bodies etc. before enrolling.  Don't forget to come back to get your real-estate CEU's after you have you license.


Online Courses


Texas 75 Hour Trainee Real Property Appraiser  Package
Texas Licensed Real Property Appraiser Package

Complete with 75 hours of the new Associate Real Estate Appraiser Qualification Criteria for Texas, this package includes three courses: Basic Appraisal Principles, Basic Appraisal Procedures, and the 2016-201715-Hour Equivalent USPAP Course. Also included in this package is the USPAP Manual eBook.   $749

Covers the required 75 hours to move up from Trainee level to Licensed Residential Appraiser.  Course Includes:

  • Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approach
  • Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use
  • Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach
  • Residential Report Writing and Case Studies
  • $795


Basic Appraisal Procedures (v2)
Basic Appraisal Principles (v2)

Want thorough insight into the process of valuation? Then this course is for you! During this 30-hour curriculum, students will learn the three approaches used by appraisers to reach the opinion of value (income capitalization, sales comparison and cost) and how to derive multipliers and rates. Also included is a guide through the sales comparison approach, which is comprised of checking the validity of information, organizing a comparative analysis, making adjustments, selecting comparison units, and how to conducting market research and reconciliation. Students will enjoy the hands-on completion of crucial sections of an appraisal report as well as gain insight into property description, design basics and construction. This course fulfills 30 hours of Real Property Appraisal Qualification Criteria for the levels of Trainee to Licensed Appraiser. It is advised to complete the Basic Appraisal Principles before taking this course.  $349

Gain a foundation in appraisal principles. This course is an introduction to topics including legal considerations, what influences the value of real estate, real property concepts and characteristics, principles of economics, types of value and real estate markets and analysis, ethical considerations and highest and best use. This 30 hour course fulfills the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria for the levels of Trainee up to Licensed Appraiser.  $349


2016-2017 15-Hour Equivalent USPAP Course
Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approach

Understand your role and responsibility as an appraiser. This mandatory course gives you a foundation in appraisal from a national level. The content centers on the rules and regulations set in the USPAP that define what ethical behavior and competent actions are for the role of the appraiser. Learn what an appraiser does and the importance of impartiality in this industry. Learn the application of USPAP in all portions of appraisal.  $219

Round out your foundational understanding of appraisal valuation approaches. Focusing on the two types of valuation concepts other than cost approach, this course fulfills 15 hours of Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria for appraisers from the Trainee level to the Licensed Appraiser level. Learn the process for both as well as how to gather and analyze needed information. Highlights include: the use of appraisal comparison grids, tips on locating needed information and a comparison with pros and cons of both the residential sales comparison and the income approach. Prerequisites: Basic Appraisal Principles and Procedures Courses.  $249


Residential Report Writing & Case Studies (v5)
Residential Appraiser Site Valuation & Cost Approach(v3)

Get a crash course in appraisal report writing! Students will enjoy this hands-on constructive course focused on learning how to create effective, well-formed reports for appraisals. Both content and exercises focus on appraisal writing techniques, gaining a real understanding of and ability to apply residential valuation procedures and grammar guidelines. Specific residential case studies are used as examples to help students gain a realistic view. Examples help students grasp narrative comment writing on form appraisal reports and also how to explain the process and reasoning behind the valuation conclusions to those who use the reports. 15 hours of Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria for the Trainee through Licensed Appraiser level upon completion of this course. Students need to have taken Basic Principles and Basic Appraisal Procedures to be able to sign up.  $199

Gain confidence in your appraisal valuation skills! A more in-depth dive into appraisal valuation concepts and cost approach applications, this course meets 15 hours for the Trainee level up to the Licensed Appraiser level of Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria. Develop a stronger understanding of the process of the cost approach as this covers step-by-step the appraisal value process while applying this method. Highlights include interview methods and tips, market extraction, and data sources from professional services. Please note that Basic Appraisal Principles and Basic Appraisal Procedures are both prerequisites for this course.  $199


Residential Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use
Texas Real Property Appraisal Exam Preparation

Make solid decisions in the valuation process. Understand the interdependence within the application of market analysis and highest and best use. Meeting 15 hours of Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria for appraisal Trainees up to Licensed Appraisers, this course highlights the association between cost, income capitalization and sales comparison (the three valuation concepts), highest and best use reasoning and analysis of the market. Basic Appraisal Principles and Basic Appraisal Procedures are both prerequisites for this course.   $199

 We offer online Texas real estate appraisal courses that cover the topics you will see on your appraisal licensing exam.  This course is not offered all the time so please check and see if it is available within your time frame.




Legal & Paralegal


Legal & paralegal jobs are always in demand because people always need legal assistance.

WTAMU has partnered with the Center for Legal Studies to offer these online courses, there are no prerequisites to take the course, but students will be expected to complete a significant amount of homework for each session.  Physical books as well as access to Westlaw are required materials.

2017 Session 5:  8/21/17 - 10/6/17
2018 Session 1: 1/8/18 - 2/23/18
2018 Session 3: 4/30/18 - 6/15/18
2017 Session 6: 10/16/17 - 12/1/17
2018 Session 2: 3/5/18 - 4/20/18
2018 Session 4: 6/25/18 - 8/10/18

All courses have a defined start and stop date but classes are self paced & you may access the courses as much as you like during this date range.  Click on the title of each course for more information & to enroll


Paralegal Certificate Course
Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course

This nationally acclaimed program will train beginning or advanced legal workers to interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, prepare documents, & assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. The instruction is practice-oriented and relates to those areas of law in which paralegals are in most demand. 

  • Legal Terminology, Documents, Ethics, and the Litigation Process
  • Legal Research Introduction
  • Legal Research Practice
  • Introduction to the Evidentiary Predicate
  • Identifying Relevant Authority
  • Appellate Procedure

Many students consider the Westlaw training alone to be worth the cost of the course; especially when compared to usage charges firms incur from inefficient researchers.  90 clock hours.  $1289 + Materials

Building on the paralegal certificate course, the advanced course covers 6 topics of the students choosing for greater specialization.  Topics may be taken individually but a certificate will not be awarded until 6 courses are completed.  The topics of specialized study include:

  • Bankruptcy Law 
  • Advanced Legal Research 
  • Business Law and Practices 
  • Criminal Law 
  • Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties 
  • Immigration Law 
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Victim Advocacy 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Estate Planning: Probate, Wills & Trusts 
  • Family Law
  • Water Law 
  • Education Law
  • Intellectual Property 

This course is great for paralegals changing law firms to brush up on specific areas of law that their new firm may specialize in.  45 clock hours each.   $300 each + Materials


Legal Secretary Certificate Course
Legal investigation Certificate Course

This intensive program improves the skills and efficiency of both beginning and experienced secretaries working in law offices. Students study: legal terminology, legal process, jurisdiction & venue, ethics, pleadings, discovery, written communications including letters & memoranda, notices & motions, filing procedures, billing & accounting, time management; records management, legal research and more.

Students receive an introduction to the theory of law, and the nature of the practice of law, the particulars of law office management as well as the technologies used.  45 Clock hours.  $645 + books

At the end of the course, both new & experienced legal students will be qualified to assist attorneys, paralegals, insurance companies, private businesses and state / federal agencies in the process of civil and criminal investigation.  Students will be introduced to our legal system, legal & ethical considerations for the investigator, law of agency, rules of court & evidence and the role of a legal investigator in preparing for civil and criminal litigation & testimony.

Investigative subject areas include: interviewing techniques, witness statements, forensic photography, proper service of legal process, arson, products liability, personal injury, traffic accident forensics, employment accidents, premises accidents, financial and equity matters, professional malpractice and negligence, surveillance, skip-tracing.  Students will be also taught how to use these skills to begin a freelance investigation business and search for related jobs.  45 Clock hours.    $645 + books



Advanced Legal Research & Writing
Software Essentials for the Law Office

This challenging course teaches advanced & specialized approaches to utilize the legal resources available in a law library, and elsewhere. The conceptual differences between computer-assisted legal research and hard copy research will be taught. Students will also learn how to formulate WESTLAW search queries and effectively and efficiently use WESTLAW and other online legal research methods as time-saving devices in legal research and writing.

Lessons & Objectives will include: Legal Authorities & Citations, Legal Analysis, Westlaw® online legal research, The Legal Memorandum of Law, Manual Legal Research and Types of Legal Writing.  45 Clock hours.  $729 + books

This dynamic course improves the skills & knowledge of legal professionals regarding commonly used computer programs within the law office.  Time tracking & billing, databases, case management & docket control, litigation support, electronic discovery, trial presentation and graphics software will be covered.

In addition to hands on exercises with popular programs such as Practice Master’s Tabs 3, AbacusLaw, DiscoveryFY, Trial Director, MS PowerPoint, LexisNexis, CaseMap, and TimeMap; students  will be presented with real-life scenarios and asked to identify and examine ethical issues raised by the use of technology in a legal practice.
  45 Clock hours.  $729 + books



Personal Injury for Paralegals
Employment Law Certificate Course

This exciting, fast-paced class teaches many of the legal terms, causes of action, and remedies available to victims of personal injury accidents. Class discussions and lesson material will include the different kinds of personal injury claims including (but not limited to): car accidents, slip and falls, medical negligence/malpractice, manufacturer product defects, and class-action lawsuits.

We review case building topics & techniques vital to a personal injury paralegal's success in the law office such as: Categories of damages recovery, statutes of limitations, schemes for liability, the negligence theory of torts, interviewing, investigating. 45 Clock hours.  $729 + books

This course will cover statutes such as the National Labor Relations Act, the Railway Labor Act, and other various statutes dealing with public employees and the relationship between employees & employers. 

Topics discussed include:  master & servant, wages & hours, anti-discrimination, minimum wages & maximum hours, as well as regulation of working conditions.  The Center for Legal Studies is recognized by SHRM to offer 45 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. for this course.  45 Clock hours.  $729 + books



Alternative Dispute Resolution Course
Legal Nurse Consultant Training

Take the mystery out of settlement processes and reaching reasonable solutions. We review the growth and application of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and “interest-based bargaining” options in the United States covering both traditional and non-traditional dispute resolution options.

Learn negotiation skills and how to select the most cost-effective and least intrusive ADR method to achieve the most positive result for both parties.  Learn the proper application and limits of ADR techniques as well as the ethical considerations involved in ADR.  Specific attention will be given to Mediation, Arbitration, Summary Jury Trials, Mini-Trials and Moderated Settlement Conferences.  Successful graduates of this non-credit course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 45 Clock hours. $645 + books

This exciting program prepares Registered Nurses and Physician's Assistants for a career in the legal field as legal nurse consultants.  Building on the medical education and clinical experience of RNs and PAs, this course provides the RN and PA with fundamental skills necessary to advise law firms, health care providers, insurance companies and governmental agencies regarding medically related issues and to appear in court as expert witnesses.  The course presents legal concepts related to the health care industry, as well as the role a legal nurse consultant might play in litigation.

This course is based on the text, Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition, published by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. Students will receive 42-hours of instruction and will be required to pass weekly quizzes on the information presented.  This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Colorado Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.  45 Clock hours.  $895 + books



Victim Advocacy Course
Intellectual Property Law for Engineers

Participants will be prepared to work in victim advocacy arenas, such as domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, crisis hotlines, and with state and county governments to assist crime victims in progressing through the criminal justice system and toward successful recovery. Course topics include legal terminology, legal process, legislation regarding victims' rights, jurisdiction and venue, ethics, effects of victimization on the victim, victim advocate skills, guardianships and crisis intervention. It also covers counseling skills for victims of assault, battery, robbery, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, murder and homicide.  45 Clock hours.  $645 + books

All engineers should be familiar with patent law. This constitutionally-based discipline has to do with the process by which an invention, and its creator, are protected by the law from infringement and unfair competition. The class will deal with patent applications, research & prosecution, the law of infringement, and computer applications of software (protected by copyright) and hardware (by patents). Discussion will include: what other concepts are patented, as well as machines, processes, mixtures, manufacturing, compositions of materials and methods of doing business and research.

Although we are mostly concerned with utility, design & plant patent law, we also deal with copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secrets and business methods. Engineer should be conversant with the other forms of intellectual property right that protect ingenious people & their work.  45 Clock hours.  $645 + books








Careers in the Information Technology field continue to be in high demand and often offer attractive salaries

The courses listed below are a sampling of the courses available.  For online courses you will be able to see additional courses after you connect to our service partners website. 

Please familiarize yourself with the details of the programs offered, the number of hours, accrediting bodies etc. before enrolling


  • Information Security Professional - CISSP

  • Comp TIA A+

  • Comp TIA S+

  • Comp TIA N+

Online Courses


Computer Technician - Comp TIA A+

(ISC)2 CISSP® Prep

WTAMU is partnering with CCI to offer this online IT course. This course prepares students to sit for the Comp TIA A+ certification test.  This course may also include an externship opportunity.

WTAMU is partnering with Mind Edge to offer courses preparing test-takers for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam, as administered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2.

This program will build upon students’ existing user-level knowledge and experience with personal computer software and hardware in order to present fundamental concepts and techniques that technicians will use every day on the job. Upon completing this course, students will gain the essential skills and technical expertise necessary to install, upgrade, configure, troubleshoot, optimize, repair and perform preventative maintenance on basic personal computer hardware and operating systems.  $749

The CISSP® certification is recognized worldwide and adheres to the strict standards of ISO/IEC 17024.  As security breaches outpace the available pool of security experts, the need for information security professionals with proper certifications will continue to grow. Among other titles, obtaining the CISSP® certification prepares one for a position as a Security Analyst, Chief Information Security Officer, or as a Security Architect.

CISSP® Exam Prep Course   $549

CISSP® Practice Exams   $99

More info: Certification info.    


Computer Technician - Comp TIA N+

Computer Technician - Comp TIA S+

WTAMU is partnering with CCI to offer this online IT course. This course prepares students to sit for the Comp TIA N+ certification test. 

WTAMU is partnering with CCI to offer this online IT course.  This course prepares students to sit for the Comp TIA S+ certification test

The CompTIA Network+ course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an IT network practitioner. This course is designed to fully prepare students to sit for and pass the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate, and configure basic network infrastructure as well as describe networking technologies, understand basic design principles, adhere to wiring standards, and use testing tools.  $739

The CompTIA Security+ course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an IT security professional. This course is designed to fully prepare students to sit for and pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. Students will be able to identify risk and participate in risk mitigation activities as well as provide infrastructure, application, operational and information security.  $749

More Info: Certification info. More Info: Certification info.







Business & Management

Management certifications, including project management & process improvement certifications, are very popular and can be a significant boost to your career.   Employers want to know that the people they hire to manage a people and processes are equipped with the right skills and experience to bring positive change.

The courses listed below are offered in partnership with companies that are authorized training partners for the accrediting entities providing the certifications shown.  Please familiarize yourself with the details of the programs offered, the number of hours, accrediting bodies etc. before enrolling

  • Project Management:  PMI-PMP

  • Project Management: PMI-CAPM

Agile Practitioner:  PMI-ACP Global Business - CGBP




Online Courses


PMI®-PMP Project Management Professional
PMI® Agile Project Management

WTAMU is partnering with Mind Edge to offer these courses designed to provide a solid foundation for those seeking the Project Management Institute®'s Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP)® designation.

WTAMU is partnering with Mind Edge to offer these courses designed to provide a solid foundation for those seeking the Project Management Institute®'s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® professional designation.

These course are designed to compliment the major content areas of the PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide, Fifth Edition. 



Agile project management practices are the standard for software development projects; and many companies have adopted Agile concepts and methodologies for non-software projects.  These courses provide managers the knowledge they need to become competent Agile practitioners.




Certified Associate in Project Management
PMI®-RMP Risk Management Professional

WTAMU is partnering with CCI to offer this online Management course.  This course is designed to provide students with the required 23 hours of project management instruction and prepare students to sit for the CAPM® Exam

WTAMU is partnering with Mind Edge to offer this comprehensive course to prepare you for the Project Management Institute®'s PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® certification exam.

The Certified Associate in Project Management Course (CAPM) introduces students to the terminology, tools, and techniques required to take a project all the way from the initiating process through to the planning, executing, controlling and closing stages.  $899

The course includes exercises, self-assessments, interactive games, and case studies along with exam-taking tips and two full-length, 170-question practice exams covering the required five domains of risk management knowledge.  $599

ID: Certification Info.    



Green Building & LEED GA Exam Prep
Certified Global Business Professional

WTAMU is partnering with CCI to offer this online Management course.  This course is designed to help prepare students to sit for the US Green Building Council LEED Green Associate Exam

WTAMU is partnering with Mind Edge to offer this online Management course.  This suite is designed for adult learners interested in preparing to take the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional™ exam.

The LEED Green Associate (GA) credential is the first step toward entering the growing field of green building and essential to anyone involved in the building process to ensure the USGBC standards are met and maintained. LEED GA credentials ensure green building professionals are familiar with the LEED credit rating system including the extensive application process and required stakeholder involvement for success. $819

This course is also available in Spanish

This suite of four short course covers the four primary domains NASBITE certifies its candidates are competent in: Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Trade Finance.  The courses also digs deeper into five "threads" or topics within each domain: Documentation; Legal and Regulatory Compliance; Intercultural Awareness; Technology; and Resources.  Each individual course contains a 25-question practice exam as well as tips and documentation to help you prepare for the exam. $799

ID: Certification Info.