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Contract Training

Contract Training

Companies that succeed long term and lead their markets are consistently the same companies that invest in their people and equip them to go above & beyond what their competitors can. 


Organizations seek contract training for a wide variety of specific reasons, however there are some general themes that the large majority of organizations say are the underlying reasons they have chosen to invest in their people at the time they engaged in training.  If your organization can identify with any of these situations below, you are in good company and quality training can help.

Growth Preparation

Stay on top

Office Environment

We are concerned that our staff isn't ready to handle the service requirements of larger & more demanding clients as we grow.

We are at the top of our market but competitors are closing in because our sales team doesn't seem to try as hard as they used to.

Our company just went though a merger and the staff are not adjusting well to having new managers that are changing the old way of doing things.

As we grow our teams will have to handle greater work-loads until we can hire more people, how do we get them ready for that?

We have grown so quickly that everybody has to to do a little of everything to be as successful as we are and people are getting burnt out.

 We have many competent employees but instead of teamwork & camaraderie we have cliques that just coexist, it could be so much more.

Our leadership is divided and some of our senior managers don't really want to grow the company; they are comfortable where we are.

We had a great year and have promoted from within.  We have several new managers leading their former teammates but productivity has dropped.

We have a few senior employees that do their job well but don't think the rules apply to them and they run very important parts of the business.

These problems, and others like them, are real and they cost real money of you don't address them; if you see these kinds of situations developing its time in your organization to start training with WT.  We will design a training & education solution customized to your business, addressing you're challenges and putting you on a path to accomplish your goals.  We are ready to talk about your situation and answer your questions, call whenever you are ready. 806-651-8517





questions and Answers


Because of inconsistent results with prior training attempts it is common for companies to have questions and concerns about the value of investing in training.  The items below may represent some of your questions or concerns as well, we look forward to talking with you about your situation as soon as you are ready. 806-651-8517



Question:  Why should we use WT as our training provider?

Answer:  No one else can offer the complete package like WT can.

WT is in a unique position to be able to draw upon resources across the Panhandle that no other organization can and be motivated strictly by doing the best job possible for the Panhandle community.  We aren't simply building a training department inside the university; we are building a training platform for the entire community to benefit from and we are leveraging the resources of the university to bring experts from a variety of industries & disciplines into your business to help you.  Because we are educators first and service providers second the training product you get from WT is designed to educate and serve and is delivered by experienced professionals that are passionate about the subject matter they are teaching.


Question: We know we need help but we don't know where to start, how can you help?

Answer:  We can help you determine where our time & energy is best spent.

Companies train for a variety of reasons but the end goal is usually to increase performance or manage a difficult transition.  If you are uncertain where to start we can help you identify the problem that if fixed could yield the most beneficial change; then we will develop a program to take on that problem first.  No matter what topics you want us to cover, we don't teach just to pass on information, we teach to develop skills and knowledge that your staff can use to solve problems and overcome obstacles. 


Question:  How do i know it will help?

Answer:  You will be involved in the planning process & deciding what success looks like.

Our training solutions start with an analysis of your current training process, the business processes training supports and the business goals you plan to achieve.  If there are shortfalls or disconnects between what you are training and the knowledge/skills you will need to reach your goals we identify the disconnects, quantify them, and put together a plan to get your goals, processes & outcomes aligned.  We will show you up front how to measure the effectiveness of training so you can monitor and participate in the process.


Question:  I have really smart people on my staff, why don't Ii just do it myself?

Answer:  D.I.Y. is great for the workshop, but not the workplace.

Some companies with subject matter experts in leadership positions think that they can clone their way to success; it rarely works.  Attempting to transform your staff into clones of your experts may seem like an easy in-house solution but in practical application it fails because:  1.  Subject matter experts are rarely also experts in training and often can't explain why they are good at what they are good at.   2. Cloning doesn't allow for personality & learning style differences  3.  Cloning stifles creativity and the benefit you get from having staff with a diversity of perspectives & experiences.


We look forward to talking with you about addressing your specific training needs.
806-651-2037 / customizedtraining@wtamu.edu