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Compliance and Best Practices

Today's complex & highly interactive world requires more from businesses than ever before.

A paycheck, a safe workplace &  good product are not enough anymore to be a considered a great company.  Today's businesses are expected to look out for the well-being of their employees and customers to a degree far beyond just what it takes to keep the doors open.  

The rise of digital lifestyles, newly recognized identities and on-demand everything has added new dimensions of legal, social and commercial interactions for businesses to navigate.  The training programs offered below can be great resources for educating your staff about the realities of doing business in today's world and what you expect form them.



CT-Real Estate

WTAMU is pleased to be able to help your organization with privacy /information security related training.

WTAMU is partnering with Teach Privacy to offer offer online privacy & related courses because we want to bring you the highest quality information from experts that stay current with the constantly changing topic.


Please familiarize yourself with the details of the programs offered before enrolling


                                                                Online Courses


Data Privacy & Data Security Educators & Privacy

Nearly every week you hear about another organization getting hacked and having thousands or millions of people's personal information being compromised. 

This set of courses gives practical information and non-techie steps everyone in your organization can understand & act on to help keep your organization out of the news because of a data breach.

            This two-course bundle includes these topics and 25                   quiz questions delivered after specific modules to                         reinforce learning:

Data Security Overview Encryption
Passwords Social Engineering
Phishing Physical Access
Portable Devices Remote Access
Data Disposal Data Breach
Privacy, Risk, and Trust What Is Personal Data
The Life Cycle of Personal Data