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Criminal Justice Program Information

Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice


Major in Criminal Justice (Major Code: CJ.AD 133; CJ.CORR 834; CJ.POLICING 835)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Criminal justice is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by political science. Students select a major track in policing, corrections (community supervision, prison, parole) or administration.

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Refer to the “University Core Curriculum” section of the catalog.


Students transferring into the criminal justice program may transfer the following courses: Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRIJ 1301), Court Systems and Practices (CRIJ 1306), Fundamentals of Criminal Law (CRIJ 1310), Correctional Systems and Practices (CRIJ 2313) and Police Systems and Practices (CRIJ 2328). Those in corrections must take CRIJ 3372 among the required criminal justice classes for this emphasis. An additional six hours of selected academic classes may be accepted upon individual review.

Transfer Students

Transfer students should be aware that some of the courses required for an associate degree in criminal justice may not apply to baccalaureate degree requirements.

Criminal Justice Core Requirements

  • CRIJ 1301, 1306, 1307, 1310

Required Criminal Justice Courses for Emphasis Administration

Administration (CJ.AD 133)

  • CRIJ 3362, 4098(6), 4340, 4348, 4350, 4353,4354, and 4355

Corrections (CJ.CORR 834)

  • CRIJ 3332, 3362, 3384 or PSYC 4324, 4098 (6), 4340 and 4348

Policing (CJ.POLICING 835)

  • CRIJ 2328, 3362, 4098 (6), 4334, 4340 and 4348

Required Courses from Other Departments

All criminal justice majors must take SOCI 1301.

Administration (CJ.AD 133)

  • POSC 4331
  • SOCI 4321
  • Nine semester hours from ACCT 2301, POSC 3305, 4352, SOCI 4302
  • Advanced CRIJ/POSC/SOCI elective

Corrections (CJ.CORR 834)

  • PSYC 2301, 3350, 3360, 4324 or SES 3316
  • SOCI 4302, 4304, 4321
  • Six hours from CRIJ/SOCI 3372, CRIJ 3374 or SOCI 4342 or three advanced hours from CRIJ,/POSC/SOCI

Policing (CJ.POLICING 835)

  • POSC—three advanced hours
  • PSYC 2301, 3350, 3360
  • SOCI 4302, 4321
  • Six hours from CRIJ 3322, 3374, 4324, 4326, or SOCI 4342

For information about the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in criminal justice studies, refer to the “Graduate School” section of the catalog.

Minor in Criminal Justice

At least 18 hours in criminal justice, including three hours from CRIJ 1301, 1306, 1307 or 1310, and 15 advanced criminal justice electives.

Forensic Science

Students planning careers in forensic science should consider a biotechnology major in the Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences with a criminal justice minor. The following courses are recommended for the minor: CRIJ 1301, 1306, 3322, 3374, 4340, 4348.

Criminal Justice Online

To view information about criminal justice program online courses, click on the link. above.

Criminal Justice Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Keith Price is the head of the department of political science and criminal justice.  Dr. Price is also a professor of criminal justice and sociology.
  • Dr. Harry Hueston is a professor of criminal justice and the program director. He also supervises criminal justice internships.
  • Dr. Brandon Bang is an instructor of criminal justice.
  • Mrs. Dawn Marie Jordan is an instructor of criminal justice.
  • Mrs. Jaymie Freidank is an instructor of criminal justice.
  • Mr. Richard Webb is an instructor of criminal justice.