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College of Business Research and Scholarly Activities

College of Business Research and
Scholarly Activities

Research Philosophy

The College of Business faculty members affirm our commitment to intellectual contributions that enhance our teaching, particularly applied scholarship and instructional development.  Within the last five years, the current College of Business faculty members have published in over 100 different journals.

College of Business Peer-Reviewed Research, 2007-2012 Journals

  1. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal
  2. Academy of Business Disciplines Journal
  3. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal
  4. Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal
  5. Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal
  6. Academy of Management Perspectives
  7. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
  8. Accounting Historians Notebook
  9. Advances in Accounting Education
  10. American Journal of Economics and Sociology
  11. American Journal of Health Behavior
  12. Annals of Tourism Research
  13. CPA Journal
  14. California Journal of Operations Management
  15. Christian Business Academy Review
  16. Communications in Statistics - Simulation And Computation
  17. Computers in Human Behavior
  18. Contemporary Issues in Education Research
  19. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 
  20. Current Issues in Tourism
  21. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education
  22. Decision Support Systems
  23. Econ Journal Watch 
  24. Educational and Psychological Measurement
  25. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
  26. Electronic Government Journal
  27. Event Management: An International Journal
  28. Global Journal of Business Research
  29. Group and Organization Management
  30. Human Relations
  31. Human Resource Management Review
  32. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
  33. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Journal
  34. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications 
  35. Information Systems Education Journal
  36. International Advances in Economic Research
  37. International Business & Economic Research Journal
  38. International Journal of Accounting Information Science & Leadership
  39. International Journal of Business Research
  40. International Journal of Business, Marketing and Decision Sciences
  41. International Journal of Commerce and Management
  42. International Journal of Education Research
  43. International Journal of Hospitality Management
  44. International Journal of Innovation and Learning
  45. International Journal of Management and Information Systems 
  46. International Journal of Management Concept and Philosophy
  47. International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations
  48. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics
  49. Journal of Applied Business and Economics
  50. Journal of Applied Psychology
  51. Journal of Applied Social Psychology
  52. Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business
  53. Journal of Business & Economic Research
  54. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
  55. Journal of Business and Accounting 
  56. Journal of Business and Public Affairs
  57. Journal of Business Case Studies
  58. Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics
  59. Journal of Case Studies in Accreditation and Assessment
  60. Journal of Case Studies in Education
  61. Journal of College Teaching & Learning
  62. Journal of Consumer Behavior
  63. Journal of Corporate Finance
  64. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
  65. Journal of Economics
  66. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research
  67. Journal of Education for Business
  68. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence
  69. Journal of Finance and Accountancy
  70. Journal of Global Business Management
  71. Journal of Global Information Technology Management
  72. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice
  73. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management
  74. Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning
  75. Journal of Information Systems Applied Research
  76. Journal of Information Technology Education
  77. Journal of Information Technology Management
  78. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies
  79. Journal of International Business
  80. Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies
  81. Journal of International Business Disciplines
  82. Journal of International Business Research
  83. Journal of International Entrepreneurship 
  84. Journal of International Management
  85. Journal of International Management Studies
  86. Journal of Internet Commerce
  87. Journal of Management
  88. Journal of Management and Marketing Research
  89. Journal of Management Information Systems 
  90. Journal of Management Studies
  91. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 
  92. Journal of Organizational Moral Psychology
  93. Journal of Research in Business Information Systems
  94. Journal of Retail Analytics
  95. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies
  96. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
  97. Journal of Vocational Behavior
  98. Journal of World Investment & Trade
  99. Journal of World Trade
  100. Management Research and Practice 
  101. MIS Quarterly
  102. Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly
  103. Organizational Behavior And Human Decision Processes
  104. Pennsylvania Economic Review 
  105. Personnel Psychology
  106. Practical Tax Strategies
  107. Public Personnel Management
  108. Research in Economics and Business Journal
  109. Research in Higher Education Journal
  110. Review of Business Information Systems
  111. Review of Business Research
  112. Saber Economico
  113. Science and Engineering Ethics
  114. Southwestern Economic Review
  115. Studies in Economics and Finance
  116. Tax Adviser
  117. The Business Review, Cambridge
  118. The Empirical Economics Letters 
  119. The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge
  120. Today's CPA
  121. Thunderbird International Business Review
  122. Western Journal of Human Resource Management