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College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Activities

The College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences annually conducts over $5 million worth of research that is critical to the region and the nation.  Our scientists are doing research on the cutting edge of the following areas:

Food Safety – Working to protect the livestock industry and consumers from antibiotic resistant pathogens

Air Quality – Working to solve the air quality issues of dust and odor to improve the lives of people and livestock.

Ogallala Aquifer – Working to extend the life of the lifeblood of the Texas Panhandle and at the same time promote the efficient use of this resource.

Environmental Risk – Working to assess the risks associated with various agriculture and non-agriculture enterprises.

Wildlife Management – Working to ensure that future generations in the Panhandle continue to enjoy the abundant wildlife of the High Plains.

Math Education – Working to provide math teachers with the skills and techniques to take the fear and anxiety out of leaning math and increase the number of math, chemistry, and science majors at WT and other higher education institutions.

Dryland Agriculture – Working to improve the productivity and sustainability of cropping systems on arid lands.