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Department of Art, Theatre and Dance

Department of Art, Theatre and Dance

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David WillardActors, artists, dancers, designers and theatre technicians are special people. Called to express ideas, images and emotions that others cannot see or understand, we define our existence in different terms and create expressions that can last for ages to come.

If you hear the aforementioned call or have a passion for the visual or performing arts, then the West Texas A&M University department of art, theatre and dance is ready to be your home for a  degree in art, art education, dance, graphic design, musical theatre, studio art, theatre education, theatre performance or technical theatre.

As a first year student in art, theatre or dance, you will have immediate access to the department’s award-winning faculty; you will work in spacious and well-equipped facilities such as the brand new Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex, and have opportunities to become immediately involved with productions and exhibits. In other words, the department does not have a “wait until you’re a sophomore” policy. Freshmen can audition for (and are frequently cast in) dance and theatre productions and freshmen art students start studio work their first semester.

Academically based and creatively charged, the various curricula of the department allows students the opportunity to understand their creative heritage, apply theoretical and analytical standards, and then create many expressions through individual assignments, group projects and of course public display or performance in the Mary Moody Northen Hall Art Gallery, the Branding Iron Theatre and the Happy State Bank Studio Theatre. Our students and faculty even perform and display beyond the confines of the WTAMU campus and have won numerous regional, national and international awards. For example, our dance ensemble has performed in Italy and Russia and the theatre program has performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Finally, creativity is nothing without collaboration and in the department of art, theatre and dance you will always find willing partners in the academic and creative process: insightful advisers, experienced directors and choreographers, fellow artists, engaging instructors and students just like you, who are eager to create, accomplish and express.

When time allows please send me an email. I’m happy to respond to your message and answer your questions about our academic programs, departmental tours, scholarships, auditions, interviews and portfolio reviews.

David Willard
Department Head

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