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Office for Diversity and Inclusion - Statement from the President

Statement from the President

Dr. J. Patrick O'Brien President/CEO

An Environment for all People

The lead sentence of our mission statement affirms that “West Texas A&M University is a diverse and inclusive student-centered community of learners.” We hold as a core value to have respect for the dignity of all individuals. We embrace diversity and inclusion because one) it is the right thing to do if we truly respect the dignity of all individuals; and two) a diverse and inclusive environment enhances the ability of all of our students to pursue and achieve educational excellence. We teach diversity and inclusion so as to best prepare our students for the workplace and world in which they will be immersed upon graduation. It is important we communicate across cultures and listen for and respect differences.

Our mission statement, which is provided to all students, faculty and staff, is an excellent example of the type of University climate we make every effort to achieve with our diversity efforts. Our commitment to diversity is evident in our actions and accomplishments and is at the center of our University culture at West Texas A&M University.

J. Patrick O'Brien
10th President/CEO