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Social Justice Leadership Conference

WTAMU 7th Annual Social Justice Leadership Conference, 14 – 15 April

Social Movements:
Identity, Borders, and Activism

Keynote Speaker
Dr. José Angel Gutiérrez, attorney and professor 
University of Texas at Arlington

Highlighted Speaker
Marisela Reyes Salazar, Civil Rights Activist
La Guerra que Nosotros, Los Mexicanos, No Pedimos
Presentation in Spanish



Keynote Speaker

Dr. José Angel Gutiérrez is a professor of Political Science and founder of the Center for Mexican American Studies in 1994 at the University of Texas-Arlington. He is also licensed to practice law in several jurisdictions, including the Texas Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Claims, and Federal Courts in Texas (Northern and Southern districts) and Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Gutiérrez also heads the Greater Dallas Legal and Community Development Foundation, a civil rights litigation unit. He has authored and co-authored various books, three of which are revised editions on Texas politics. He has also authored several articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries. Since 1996, Dr. Gutiérrez has conducted video interviews with significant public figures and musicians in Texas.





Highlighted Speaker

Marisela Reyes Salazar is a human rights activist from the Juarez Valley near Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. She advocates to inform the public, against corruption, and for the rights of the people of Mexico. She was granted asylum in the United States because of the risks she took in speaking out to help individuals. She came to the United States after six members of her activist family were killed.

Ms. Reyes Salazar's presentation and panel will be conducted in Spanish.


Dr. Gutiérrez Public Address and Q&A

14 April
7:00 pm – 9 pm
Legacy Hall, JBK
FREE and open to the Public

Day Program, Lunch, Panels and Workshops

15 April 
FREE Lunch Available to first 100 WTAMU Student Registrants
9:30 am – 5 pm

9 – 12 pm - Welcome and Morning panels
12:10 – 1:10 pm -  Lunch and Lunch Session
1:20 – 5 pm. - Afternoon panels (Migration and Asylum panel in Spanish with Marisela Reyes Salazar at 3:10 pm)


About the Conference

Social justice now occupies center stage as the world reaches global consciousness through rapid globalization. This conference highlights some of the many issues that we face both locally and internationally towards a socially just world, a world where the worth of each person is recognized and valued irrespective of ethnicity/national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic background, physical abilities, religion and other differences without any prejudice. Social justice in its broadest sense is inclusive of human rights, philosophical orientations, access to resources and equal opportunity for ALL.

Another purpose of this conference is to encourage and promote diversity throughout the University and community. Diversity is defined as a reality created by individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of demographic and philosophical differences. These include ethnicity/national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic background, physical abilities, religion and other differences that create an inclusive environment. WTAMU realizes a diverse community of learners enriches the educational experience and opportunities of all its members. As such, WTAMU is committed to the goal of promoting mutual respect, understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of all people.