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Distance Education Fee Waiver

Students enrolled in online courses, who will not be using any of the campus facilities may submit a distance education fee waiver form to waive the fees associated with being an on campus student by the census date for the semester, (12th class day for fall and spring, 4th class day for summer 1 and summer 2, and 2nd class day for winter and spring intersession). Students must submit the waive each semester that they choose to waive these fees. The Business Office strongly encourages all distance students to submit their waiver as soon as they register to give the Registrar's Office ample time to apply the waiver to their bill before the payment deadline.


Book Voucher

Financial Aid begins disbursing 10 days before classes begin for Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and Summer 2. On the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  of the week before classes begin for Fall and Spring, and Monday and Tuesday for Summer 1 and Summer 2,  students showing a credit balance due to disbursed financial aid and scholarships may request a book voucher of up to $600.00, or the amount of their credit balance if it is less than $600.00.

To apply for a book voucher, please print off and fill out the form below. Instructions for application of the book voucher are on the form.

Please note: Students with any holds on their account cannot receive a book voucher until their hold(s) is/are removed.

  • Book Voucher Form- This period has expired for Spring 2016. Book vouchers will open for Summer 1 on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016.


New Student Check Sheet

Starting a new year at a new school can be overwhelming. We have designed a check sheet for Freshmen and Transfer Students to help guide you through all the steps you need to complete to manage your financial obligations as a student of West Texas A&M University. This form is also distributed at New Student Orientations and Transfer Student Orientations held throughout the summer.

  • New Student Financial Management Check Sheet currently not available


Returning Student Check Sheet

Our students returning to WTAMU can sometimes forget important steps when managing their financial obligations as a student of West Texas A&M University. Beginning Fall 2015, a major change is the priority payment deadline for priority registered students. Previously, accepted financial aid would protect a schedule from deletion. This will no longer be enough to protect a schedule from deletion. The priority payment deadline falls after the 10 day window for financial aid disbursement, so students must have their aid disbursed and not anticipated to meet their payment deadline obligation. Use this check sheet to be sure you don't miss any steps!

  • Returning Student Financial Management Check Sheet currently not available


1098-T Help Form

Each January, West Texas A&M University issues each student billed for tuition and fees a 1098-T form. This form is accessible through Buff Advisor on the 1098-T link. We cannot offer tax advise regarding the 1098-T form, but we can can explain each box that is on the form.



Other Business Office forms can be found on the WTAMU intranet, WTAccess under 'Forms' and the 'Business Office' tab.