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Department of Communication

 Carolyn Baum

Carolyn Baum

Instructor of  Communication Studies

"Paul J. Meyer said “Communication—the human connection—is the key to personal and career success.” I feel that my role as an Instructor of Communication bestows the great privilege of guiding and interacting with students in an academic setting to help them become the best version of their personal and professional selves. "

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 Andrea Becker

Andrea Becker

Instructor of Communication

William Butler Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” I am thrilled to be able to light the fires of our future generation and hope to inspire them to be successful in their professional and personal lives.

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Dr. Mary Liz Brooks

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication


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 Kim Bruce

Kimberly Bruce

Instructor of Mass Communication

“It is such a thrill to help students learn about the things I love. This is an amazing field with incredible opportunities for great communicators, and I look forward to helping students become today’s mass communicators.” 

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Lacy Cannon

Instructor, Communication Studies


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Dr. Li Chen

Assistant Professor, Mass Communication


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Vanessa Dirksmeyer

instructor, Communication Studies


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Dr. Kris Drumheller

Dr. Kris Drumheller

Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Interim Department Head, History

"My favorite teaching experience has been having students come back and tell me how the communication skills they have learned or enhanced have made a positive difference in their personal relationships and thus a positive difference in their life."

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 Noah Franken

Dr. Noah Franken

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

“In communication, the most profound lessons are oftentimes the most simple, and my favorite comes from Lee Thayer, who said, ‘as you communicate, so shall you be’. To help others recognize and take joy in such simple and overlooked truths is what inspires me to teach.”

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 Trudy Hanson

Dr. Trudy Hanson

Department Head,
Professor of Communication Studies

"Aristotle is credited with saying: 'Teaching is the highest form of understanding.'  I would add to that  teaching courses in speech communication allows me to see the world from my students' perspectives, understanding challenges, hopes and dreams."

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Emily Kinsky

Dr. Emily Kinsky

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

"Stories socialize us into roles of gender, age, class, vocation and life-style and offer models of conformity or targets for rebellion. They weave the seamless web of the cultural environment that cultivates most of what we think, what we do, and how we conduct our affairs" -- George Gerbner

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Dr. Jessica Mallard

Dr. Jessica Mallard

Professor of Communication Studies, Dean

 "The best thing about working at West Texas A&M is the interaction with students.  I love teaching and WTAMU is small enough that I can really form a relationship with my students."

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Connie McKee

Connie McKee

Instructor of Communication Studies, Director of Forensics

 "Teaching communication is giving students a skill that will help them in life.  We have a discipline that is always changing and must be up-to-date. I enjoy helping students achieve objectives that they never believed they could.  Students in my class can expect to learn a great deal and have a good time in the process."

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Enyonam Osei-Hwere

Dr. Enyonam Osei-Hwere

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

“Effective engagement with students is a key ingredient in what we do as educators. As a faculty member my goal is to challenge, support and guide my students to success on this special journey of a college education. In mass communication effectiveness and success is required not expected. We have an obligation to equip our students with all the tools they need to succeed and that is why I love my job and look forward to being an integral part of the successes of WT. I am most definitely proud to be a BUFF”

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Patrick Osei-Hwere

Instructor of Mass Communication


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Randy Ray

Randy Ray

Associate Lecturer, Director of Broadcasting

"I have the best job in the world! I get to share my passion of the media industry with the next generation. And I get to do it at a great place!"

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Paula Schlegel

Paula Schlegel

Instructor of Communication

"I love to see the confidence students gain when they realize that they can speak in public and not do something wrong.  Showing them the real life application to all concepts taught is a personal goal."

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Stephanie Williams

Instructor, Mass Communication, Advisor to the Prairie

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