West Texas A&M University

Above the entrance to the newly rennovated engineering building.

Where to Give at WTAMU

Scholarships — $15 Million

Thanks to the leadership and generosity of thousands of West Texas A&M University supporters, nearly nine million scholarship dollars have been raised through the Share Your Pride Campaign. It's this type of benevolence that has put our $15 million campaign goal for scholarships within reach. These scholarships help students from all backgrounds open the door of opportunity and enjoy the education and social growth that takes place both in and out of the classroom at WT. They also help recruit top students and benefit highly qualified students. Donations to WTAMU scholarships are a life-changing gift that can benefit a great number of deserving students. Even a small gift can make a big difference, because together we can do so much. To give the gift of education, please call 806-651-2070 or give online.

Scholarship Facts

  • Increasing the endowment by $15 million would generate $750,000 in annual scholarship rewards.
  • Total giving to scholarships since the start of the campaign: $8,934,560.30
  • 2,287 students were awarded scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year totaling $3,687,694.00 awarded.
  • Average contribution amount per donor, per year: $50
  • Foundation awards approximately $750,000 in scholarships annually through private support
  • Average Foundation scholarship award—$1,000 per year
  • Scholarships can be established to honor or memorialize an individual, group or family
  • Donors can determine any criteria for scholarship award. Don't see the option you want on the Make a Gift form?  Simply indicate "other" and enter in any criteria you like.
  • Estimated cost of degree–$50,000 +

Two Kinds of Scholarships

Non-Endowed Scholarships

Non-endowed scholarships are gifts that provide scholarship funds to students directly from a donor's contribution. These include General Scholarships. These gifts are typically less than $10,000. Most of these scholarship awards are based on academics, leadership, campus and community involvement and/or financial need.

Endowed Scholarships

A scholarship can be established with an endowed gift. Endowments are invested, and the interest provides a perpetual source of income to help generations of WTAMU students through a legacy that lives forever. Donors may name their scholarships for themselves, a friend or family member or a business or organization.

Endowed Giving Levels
$10,000 - Endowed Scholarship
$25,000 - Provost Leadership Endowed Scholarship
$40,000 - President's Honor Endowed Scholarship
$100,000 - Presidential Endowed Scholarship
$10,000 minimum - Graduate Assistantship Endowment

Honor Scholarships assure the recruitment of top academic students and provide the recipients educational and leadership opportunities. Honor scholarships available at WT include the Presidential Scholarship, President’s Honor Scholarship or the Provost’s Leadership Scholarship.

Endowed Giving Policy

Program and Faculty Support — $8 Million

Universities that recognize and support faculty through endowed chairs and professorships have the upper hand when it comes to recruiting and retaining top faculty members. A campaign goal of $8 million in endowed faculty and program support will allow WTAMU to offer competitive salaries and valuable resources to attract leading scholars. A top faculty enriches the life of the University and helps attract the best students to campus. Having endowed professors and chairs teaching in our classrooms and working in the University’s research facilities will nurture a learning environment focused on the latest in research, thinking and publishing and help provide an exceptional educational experience for generations of WTAMU students.

Program Enhancement Facts

  • Program support provides resources for enhanced teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Professorship and chair positions serve as role models and strengthen the foundation of academic excellence.
  • Endowed funds perpetually support faculty.
  • Gifts honor or memorialize loved ones.

Support Faculty with Endowments

Current Chairs and Professorships

Endowed Chairs

An endowed chair is a coveted position that brings prestige and distinction to a college discipline while providing faculty support for research and creative work. It offers opportunities for program growth and development and recognizes scholarly excellence. Endowed chair positions recognize the generosity of donors in perpetuity and serve as a valuable tool in recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty members.

$1 million - Endowed Chair


A professorship expands opportunities for exceptional faculty members by providing additional resources for teaching, research and professional activities and development. Faculty members benefit from the coveted title, and students glean from the professor’s academic insight and leadership.

$100,000 - Professorship

Capital Projects — $12 Million

Providing a secure, welcoming and supportive campus environment is a priority as WTAMU begins its second century. Contributions can be used to support many areas including:

The Engineering and Computer Science Building

The Phase I renovation of the Engineering and Computer Science Building has been completed, restoring the building’s exterior and revitalizing the first floor. Opportunities are now available to help with Phase II of the renovation project.

Phase II is scheduled to begin in 2012 to fully renovate and equip the building’s second floor to provide additional space and support for the University’s growing engineering program. For more information about Phase II giving opportunities, call the WTAMU Foundation at 806-651-2070.

Engineering Building Floorplan showing Smart Classroom and Design studio proposed spaces

Phase II of the renovation is slated to begin in 2012 and will fully renovate and equip the two-story building and provide support for additional degree programs.

Engineering Program Timeline: 2003 - Mechanical Engineering (ABET Accredited since 2006): 2010 - Civil Engineering: 2011 Renovation of Ag/Nursing Building begins, esitmated completion 2012: 2012 - Environmental Engineering*: 2015 - Electrical Engineering*: * - Proposed program addition. Programs are designed to seek ABET accreditation at first opportunity.


Buffalo Athletics in the Next Century

Aerial view of Buffalo Sports Park

Phase I: Buffalo Sports Park


The $21.8 million outdoor sports complex is now complete - the largest synthetic field project in North America - funded by WTAMU students.

- Wilder Park (Baseball) and Lady Buff Yard (Softball)
- The Pitch (Soccer) and Track & Field
- Football Practice Fields (2)
- Intramural Softball/Football Fields (3)
- Basketball, Tennis and Sand Volleyball Courts
- Running Trail and Wide Walking Paths
- Grand Lawn and Open Recreation Space
- Lights for Night Play and Recreation


Bain Athletic Center

Located immediately west of Buffalo Sports Park between Jarrett and the Bivins Nursing Learning Center. For more information and giving opportunities for WT Athletics contact:

Michael McBroom
Director of Athletics
West Texas A&M University
806-651-4402 - Office
806-676-6975 - Mobile

Project and Funding Specifications

Total Square Feet: 31,000
Projected  Cost: $4,000,000
Funded Entirely with Private Donations

All gifts must be paid in full over three years, with 50 percent paid during year one. Construction will continue when 50 percent ($2 million) is deposited with the University and an additional 25 percent is received in pledges due through 2013.

Championship Atrium and Welcome Center
1,500 square feet includes trophy displays, memorabilia, fireplace, seating areas and reception.
A stunning impact to welcome new recruits, parents and guests of Buffalo Athletics.

Strength and Conditioning Center
7,000 square feet includes the latest in strength and conditioning equipment to serve all 500 student-athletes at West Texas A&M University.
The backbone of every chamionship team at WTAMU.

Athletic Training and Hydrotherapy Center
3,000 square feet that includes 18 treatment stations, 18 taping stations, a rehab area and hydrotherapy room for hot and cold treatments for
the prevention of and care for injured student-athletes.
A critical need to manage the health and well being of nearly 500 Buffs and Lady Buffs.

Academic Success and Team Meeting Rooms
2,400 square feet that can be divided into six different meeting rooms equipped with modern multimedia equipment and wireless access. As
individual rooms or one large room, this space will serve a variety of purposes: study halls, team film sessions, community and donor
meetings including banquets and social engagements.
Supporting academics, game preparation and community engagement - key components of the Athletics Strategic Plan.

Football Locker Room, Offices and Equipment Room
6,000 square feet devoted to the football program, including a 3,000 square foott locker room with custom lockers, showers, team equipment and
laundry room, and offices and meeting space for the coaching staff.
The final piece of one of the best NCAA Division II football practice facilities in the nation.

Champions Plaza and Buffalo Statue
Located in the center of Buffalo Sports Park, Champions Plaza ties the support of fans and donors to the championship tradition of
Buffalo Athletics. All donors will be recognized on the brick walkway surrounding a new Buffalo statue symbolizing the WT Spirit.
The past and present make the future possible at WT.

Future Expansion
Space is being held to include additional locker rooms, office space, academic support and equipment as needed in the future. The
design of the Buffalo Athletic Center will allow for building additions to be made without major design changes in the future.

Classroom Naming Opportunities

Happy State Bank Classroom

The opportunity to name a classroom or lab exists in almost every building on campus. Donors have the opportunity to customize the space with upgraded furnishings, equipment as well as custom paint and flooring. A permanent maintenance endowment is created along with each named space to insure the space is always equipped with state of the art equipment and above average furnishings. Opportunities for an individual or business to make their permanent mark on campus by naming a classroom or lab are available at varying price ranges. Call 806-651-2070 for more information.