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Quality Enhancement Plan

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Enhancing Quality Presentation

Enhancing Quality Roundtable Presentation 1 (PDF)


Listen to the audio recording from the first meeting:
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Enhancing Quality Roundtable Presentation 2 (PDF)
Enhancing Quality Roundtable Presentation 2 (Video of Presentation)

Enhancing Quality Roundtable Presentation 3

Quality Enhancement Plan

Calling all students, faculty and staff!

Please click here for the survey

We need your input and ideas for our new QEP. The QEP committee received a number of interesting proposals for the QEP topic and has narrowed them down to the top three ideas. If you were unable to attend the topic presentations that were held around campus, you can view the presentation by clicking on the link in the Information Resources area to the right. Once reviewed, please weigh in by clicking the survey link above. Please give us input on which topic you think would be best to enhance student learning across the university.
Thanks in advance for you input!

The Quality Enhancement Plan is a part of the SACS reaffirmation process that describes a detailed plan focused on a topic or issue related to enhancing student learning. The QEP committee invited the campus community to submit abstracts and then full proposals to help us identify a topic for the new QEP. Those who submitted ideas were provided with forms and a rubric to help them understand what the committee would use for evaluation of those ideas.

The purpose of the abstracts and proposals was to solicit substantive suggestions for the committee to consider in selecting a topic. The QEP committee consists of representatives from faculty, students and staff and they have worked hard to narrow down the ideas submitted to these three important topics. 

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas! 

Enhancing Quality Roundtable sessions were held in September, October and November of 2013 to give background and solicit input from the stakeholders including students, staff, and faculty as well as members of the Canyon/Amarillo community.  Information from each of those roundtable discussions can be found in the Information Resources area above.