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Graphic Standards
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Graphic Standards


Fill out the creative request form to request creative services from the Office of Communication and Marketing. All requests will be completed based on University priorities, date of event or scope of project.

Executive Summary

University and University-supported entities may not create/display logos and/or tag lines that compete with or replace WTAMU approved symbols or the “Discover the Buff in You” tagline.

These standards apply to all visual representations of WTAMU, including print communications, electronic communications, websites and specialty items. Every piece must prominently include at least one of the following visual identifiers:


Horizontal logo University wordmark
Stacked logo Acronym symbol
Vertical logo Flame symbol
Unit logo Buffalo symbol
  Spirit WT symbol

These visual identifiers must be WTAMU maroon, white or black and must be placed over a background so that they are distinguishable and maintain the integrity of the logo.

The choice of visual identifier(s) will be determined by purpose, audience and space availability. Visual identifiers must be displayed prominently and must be presented according to the guidelines outlined in this document and may not be distorted, altered, combined with any other design to create a new logo, replaced by other artwork, defaced or vandalized in any way.


Approved Artwork

Approved art of the University’s visual identifiers are available for download.


Visual Identifiers

West Texas A&M University Logo

Three variations of the West Texas A&M University logo—(1) horizontal logo, (2) stacked logo and (3) vertical logo—in order of preference, have been designed and adopted for use on all visual representations of WTAMU, including print communications, advertising, electronic communications, website and specialty items. The choice of logo will be determined by purpose, audience and space availability.

  • The University logo must appear prominently on the primary surface (most often the front cover) of all University publications. On publications with more than one printed surface, a logo, wordmark or symbol should also appear on the secondary outside surface.
  • University logos should never be distorted in any way or used in combination with any other image or type to create  another logo.
  • University logos should retain a protected area that remains free of distracting type or imagery.
  • Minimum size applications for University logos are 4-inch width for the horizontal logo, 2-inch width for the stacked logo and 1-inch height for the vertical logo. Specialty items are allowed exceptions due to space limitations.



Horizontal Logo
Download Horizontal Logo



Stacked Logo
Download Stacked Logo



Vertical Logo
Download Vertical Logo



Unit Logos (Academic College, Department, Office)

Logos have been developed for all University entities. These logos may be used in place of the University logo on unit-specific materials, such as a college brochure; however, similar usage rules apply (see University Logo). Because each logo is different and requires special attention to spacing and other graphic details, contact the Office of Communication and Marketing at 806-651-2129 before using.


Horizontal Unit Logo




Stacked Unit Logo


University Wordmark

The University wordmark is the official style and typeface when using the name West Texas A&M University on all visual representations of WTAMU.

The following guidelines apply to use of the West Texas A&M University wordmark:

  •  The official wordmark reads exactly as West Texas A&M University; and
  • If the flame symbol is used with the wordmark, the preferred form to use is the horizontal logo. If using the wordmark alone on the cover of a publication, the flame must be used in another area of the outside cover.


Download Wordmark




The following guidelines apply to the use of symbols:

  • The symbol should never be distorted in any way or used in combination with any other image or type to create another logo; and
  • The symbol should retain a protected area that remains free of distracting type or imagery.

Symbols may be primarily used to stand alone on specialty items when space is limited.



Download Acronym


Download Flame Logo



Download Buffalo Logo


Spirit WT
Download Spirit WT Logo





The tagline is designed to complement the strength of the University mascot as a means to describe the power and stability of West Texas A&M University. The tagline should be used secondary to the University logo and should not be used alone.


Download Tagline



Tagline with Box
Download Tagline with Box



West Texas A&M University Seal

The West Texas A&M University seal is the most sacred of all University logos. Its use is restricted to formal applications, such as official documents, diplomas, certificates, flags and ceremonial materials. Reserved for presidential use, the seal should never give the impression it is the seal of any division, department or entity within the University.




The Texas A&M University System Seal

There may be some occasions when it is appropriate to use The Texas A&M University System seal. For more information, refer to the A&M System style and graphic guidelines.





Approved Colors

The primary colors on all University materials (print, web and promotional) should be maroon and white, the official school colors. In printer’s language, the official WTAMU maroon is Pantone Matching System (PMS) 202 for coated (C) stock or PMS 201 for uncoated (U) stock. Secondary colors on all material are to be used in minimal coverage of the publication or item being processed.


PMS202C White

PMS 202C
PMS 201U


Disclaimer: Color swatches are shown here as examples only. Only professional printers can match PMS colors accurately.

Some suppliers for items such as T-shirts, specialty items and paint may not reference PMS colors. Regardless, colors should match PMS 202C as closely as possible.

The University’s website home page illustrates the proper use of maroon, white and accent colors in WTAMU’s color palette. Official web logos are available from the web communication manager, droach@wtamu.edu, in the Office of Communication and Marketing.

For reference, the following hexadecimal or RGB values should be used when representing WTAMU online.

MAROON - #660000 RGB (102, 0 0,)

WHITE - #FFFFFF RGB (255,255,255)

GRAY - #666666 RGB (102, 102, 102)

The Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) approved thread colors are: Madeira 1385 and RA 2268.


Suggested Fonts

Suggested fonts for headings and subheadings are the Times Europa Roman LT Std family and the Helvetica Neue family.

Suggested fonts for body text are Times Europa Roman, Times, Goudy and Helvetica Neue Light.


Special Events

University-sponsored events, such as Buff Branding, University Formal, etc. are exempt from selected portions of the Identity System guidelines. Organizers may use an event-specific theme, slogan or artwork as long as it complements and does not alter, deface, vandalize, etc. existing University visual identifiers.


Trademark and Licensing

The University’s visual identifiers are registered through the state of Texas and licensed with Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA).

This trademark licensing creates cooperative working relationships between the University, the manufacturers of approved and authorized products and the retail community. It assures that all merchandise bearing a WTAMU visual identifier promotes and protects the image of the University while fulfilling the needs of consumers.

Retail items and promotional materials bearing a WTAMU visual identifier must be purchased through an SMA-licensed vendor.
List of SMA Licensed Vendors

NOTE: Many retail outlets are not themselves licensed (and, therefore, will not appear on the approved vendors list) but do place orders with approved licensed manufacturers. The West Texas A&M University Bookstore is one such example.

The University’s trademark licensing program is directed by Ann Underwood, director of communication and marketing. To become a SMA licensed vendor contact her at 806-651-2125 or aunderwood@wtamu.edu.


Student Organizations

Two types of student organizations exist at WTAMU: University student organizations and registered student organizations.

University Student Organizations

University student organizations receive funding from WTAMU (either directly from departments or in the form of student service fees) and are directed by University faculty and/or staff as part of their employment assignments. Examples of University student organizations include Student Government, Forensics Team and SIFE. Organizations that fall into this category must follow the same Identity System guidelines that apply to all WTAMU offices and departments.

(Exceptions: Because of their student media designations, KWTS, The Prairie and the Eternal Flame are exceptions but should adhere to the spirit of the guidelines as closely as possible. Some organizations, such as Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), have national affiliation; in such cases, these organizations are allowed to display the logo of their national affiliation as well the WTAMU logo but should follow other rules outlined in the Identity System guidelines.

Registered Student Organizations

Registered student organizations, such as the Greek chapters, Bible chairs and mutual-interest groups, are affiliated with the University but operate independently. These organizations may or may not choose to use University-approved visual identifiers. If an organization elects to use one or more of the University’s visual identifiers, the organization must follow the Identity System guidelines. If an organization does not use a University visual identifier, it is exempt from the Identity System guidelines but will be expected to adhere to good taste and high standards.

(Exception: Some registered organizations also report to national organizations; in such cases, WTAMU chapters are allowed to display the logo of their national organizations as well as the WTAMU logo but should follow all other Identity System guidelines.)


Specialty Items

When it comes to specialty items such as coffee cups, T-shirts, caps, logo pins, etc., allowances to the guidelines may be made due to spacing issues. These allowances must uphold the spirit of the WTAMU brand.


Artwork Approval Contacts

Office of Communication and Marketing, 806-651-2129, fax 806-651-2123
Ann Underwood, aunderwood@wtamu.edu , 806-651-2125 - Director of Communication and Marketing
Catherine McGovern, cmcgovern@wtamu.edu, 806-651-2122 - Senior Designer


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