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Residential Living - Jarrett Hall

Jarrett Hall

Jarrett Hall is the second-largest residence hall on campus, housing 24 units around a divided courtyard.­ Jarrett Hall is located near the Dining Hall, Activities Center and the Buffalo Sports Park. Jarrett welcomes male and female residents with a spacious lobby that offers foosball, ping pong and pool tables.­ Meet the Jarrett Hall Staff!

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Jarrett Hall


Building Amenities Include:

  • Co-ed residence hall
  • Air-conditioned lobby
  • Unit lobbies, as well as a main lobby
  • Big screen television
  • Foosball, ping pong and pool tables
  • Designated private rooms
  • Accommodations for students with disabilities
  • Large courtyard
  • Free Laundry Facilities for residents


Room Amenities Include:Jarrett Hall Room

  • Carpeted rooms
  • MicroFridge unit
  • Cable access in room
  • Ethernet connections



Room Floor Plans:

Jarrett Hall Floor Plan - Regular

Jarrett Hall Floor Plan - ADA Accessible