West Texas A&M University

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Nursing (LVN) Program

Department of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) Degree

Majors in Nursing

  • Major in Nursing—Basic and Transfer Students (Major Code: 701)
  • Major in Nursing—Licensed Vocational Nurse Degree Completion (Major Code: 713)
  • Major in Nursing—Registered Nurse Degree Completion (Major Code: 718)

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Refer to the “University Core Curriculum” section of the catalog.

NOTE: BIOL 2401 and 2402 with concurrent lab, required for nursing majors, meets University Core Curriculum science requirements.

Additional Nursing Requirements

  • Eight hours from BIOL 2420 or 2572 with concurrent lab.
  • PSYC 2301, 2308, SOCI 1301.
  • Basic chemistry course (CHEM 1405 or 1411).

Admission Requirements for the Department of Nursing

  • Formal application and admission to WTAMU (application fee required).
  • A separate, competitive application process is required for admission into the Department of Nursing. Admission is required prior to 2000-level nursing courses for basic students and LVN degree-completion students, and prior to 3000-level nursing courses for RN degree-completion students. Current license to practice as LVN or RN is required for LVN and RN degree completion students requesting advanced standing (application fee required).
  • Completion of the following courses: ENGL 1301 and 1302; basic chemistry course with lab; PSYC 2301; BIOL 2401 with lab (four hours); MATH 1314 or 1324; and demonstrated computer competency prior to 2000-level nursing courses.
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.8 and a minimum grade of “C” in biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology and mathematics courses.
  • A transfer student must submit copies of all transcripts and if transferring from another school of nursing, recommendation letters from the dean and detailed descriptions of nursing courses. A maximum total of 66 semester hours may be transferred from community colleges attended.
  • To be considered for admission, the following items must be submitted with the application: application fee, immunization records, all transcripts and HESI admission scores. 
  • Applications to the Department of Nursing should be submitted by Feb. 1 for fall semester and summer session admission and Sept. 1 for spring semester admission.
  • All basic and LVN students are required to take a pre-admission (HESI-A2) exam.
  • Upon admission to the nursing program, criminal background checks may be required.

Students may appeal Admissions Committee decisions, first to the committee and then to the head of the Department of Nursing. Exceptions, resulting in conditional admission, will be considered on an individual basis by the head of the Department of Nursing.

Advanced Standing

Registered nurses or others with previous experience and education in nursing must be admitted to the Department of Nursing through the same procedure as all students. Advanced standing will be determined after evaluation of transcripts. For further information, refer to “Advanced Placement and Credit by Examination” in the catalog.

Re-admission to the Department of Nursing

Re-admission to the Department of Nursing is not automatic. Students must re-apply to the department after withdrawal or failure in any semester. Students who make grades of “D” or below two times in nursing courses will not be allowed to continue in the program. A student who leaves the program for any reason may be permitted to re-enroll based on (1) individual qualifications and (2) available space. The student’s record of dropped courses or withdrawals from the University will be considered. Satisfactory scores on comprehensive examinations covering nursing theory and clinical course work previously completed will be required for basic students who have not been enrolled in nursing courses at WTAMU for five or more years.

Major in Nursing—For Licensed Vocational Nurses (Major Code: 713)

Licensed Vocational Nurses

(For students who already are licensed vocational nurses.)

Licensed Vocational nurses will receive credit for NURS 2350.