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Campus Organizations, Resources and Entertainment

The CORE Office is the center of your college experience. Let us help you get the most out of your time at WTAMU through campus activities, student organizations, special events and programs, leadership development and student success resources.

CORE Roundtable Awards

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Click on the links below to submit your nominations for our annual CORE Roundtable Awards that given each year that the All-University Honors event. 

Click here to apply or nominate for Man or Woman of the Year2013 Man & Woman Winners Nick Goettsche & Amanda Kraemer

Click here to apply or nominate for Campus Organization of the Year

Click here to apply or nominate for Organization President of the Year

Click here to apply or nominate for Advisor/Sponsor of the Year

Click here for form for Organizations to give out their own awards

2013 Man & Woman Winners
Nick Goettsche & Amanda Kraemer 

Campus Organizations

West Texas A&M is home to over 130 campus organizations. Types of organizations include departmental and professional organizations, honor societies, interest groups, religious organizations, recreational and sport clubs, residence hall organizations, and Greek social/service groups.

Greek Life

West Texas A&M University offers Greek social/service organizations through the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

Buff Branding

Music, food, fun, meeting new friends, and much more. Buff Branding is campus life orientation designed to help students transition from high school to college and become part of the WTAMU family.

Buff Activities Council (BAC)

Buff Activities Council is a great way for you to get involved on campus. BAC gives you the opportunity to decide what programs are held on campus and provides you with hands on experience of planning events.
To provide a diverse range of activities fostering academic integration and personal growth, and to create an engaging and supportive campus community.

  • To complement academic programs
  • To work to unify the campus community
  • To teach promotions, budgeting, networking, and recruiting skills
  • To contribute to the recruitment and retention efforts of the university
  • To involve organizations in the event planning process to foster organizational growth and success

To apply to be a member of BAC, pick up an application in the CORE Office, JBK 103



The Academics branch of Buff Activities Council will focus on what we are here for in the first place, and that is to get a degree. We will be planning events to motivate students in their schoolwork, and future career goals. This committee will consist of students that are motivated, dependable, and creative. If you are looking for a way to get involved and keep academics number one, this is the way to go!
Chairman: Ashlee Adams Email: ashleemadams101@gmail.com


The BAC Diversity Committee is committed to enhancing the cultural enrichment of students through involving students in activities relating to different cultures, religions, beliefs, and mindsets. Some events coordinated by the Diversity Committee include Mart Luther King Jr Memorial, Taste of Mexico, Mardi Gras, and International Week.
Chairman: Lluvia Vidana Email: lluvia1530@gmail.com

International Board

The purpose of this organization is to improve the experiences of international students at West Texas A&M University as well as to reach Dr. Patrick O’Brien’s goal of 500 international students by 2018.
President: Viltaliy Skorodziyevskiy Email: vskorodziyevskiy1@buffs.wtamu.edu
Chairman: LLuvia Vidana Email: lluvia1530@gmail.com

Leadership Board

Leadership Board is a student organization that educates through campus programs, leadership retreats and community outreach.
President/Chairman: Caleb Hubbard Email: chubbard92@gmail.com

Peer Education (PULSE)

PULSE is a student organization that seeks to educate and support students in making healthy lifestyle choices with regard to important social issues faced by college students. The focus of PULSE is to provide fun, interactive and informative programs and services to students, as well as the external community, that will enhance both personal and academic skills. PULSE is open to any student interested in becoming a resource to their fellow WTAMU students and community.
President/Chairman: Caleb Hubbard Email: chubbard92@gmail.com

Research and Evaluation

In order to best provide activities that meet the needs of WT's students, the Research and Evaluation Committee will design and administer surveys on what activities are wanted by students and on how students are affected by campus involvement.
Chairman: Amanda Kraemer Email: akraemer@wtamu.edu


Service plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives, whether it’s helping a friend or someone we don’t even know. The Service Committee of BAC is aimed towards providing fun volunteer opportunities for our students. Since many of our students are not from around the Texas Panhandle, it is important that we provide ways in which they can stay involved and become connected with the area. What better way is there to become connected than to help others around your temporary home? If you are interested in helping others and bettering yourself along with the community, then this is the place for you!

Socials and Entertainment

The BAC Socials and Entertainment committee understands that college life is made more successful by a balanced schedule between academics and a social life. The Socials and Entertainment committee works to provide all students with social opportunities on campus such as concerts, dances, University Sing, and many others. If you enjoy planning fun and interactive events, this committee is the place for you.

Sports and Games

The Sports and Games Committee’s goal is to provide active games for WT Students to participate in and also raise school spirit by connecting more with the sports teams on campus. These events will include campus-wide scavenger hunts, Midnight Madness, and games you might see on a game show. If you are looking get involved on campus and maintain and active lifestyle, this one is for you!
Chairman: Reid Copelin Email: rdcopelin1@buffs.wtamu.edu

For more information, contact:
Matt Maples
Jack B. Kelley Student Center, Suite 103


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