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Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

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Course Text Sites
Personal Finance

News Links

Stock Price Quotes
Wall Street Journal
CEO Express
International News & Periodicals


Bloomberg News
Bloomberg Finance News  
CBS Market Watch

New York Times
Kiplinger Online
Smart Money Magazine 
Business Week
USA Today
Washington Post
Investor's Business Daily
Financial History Museum


Accounting Links

New Mexico Revenue Division
Kansas Dept. of Revenue

Accounting Degree.Org Career Listing

Texas Society of CPA's
House of Representatives
Oklahoma Tax Commission

Internal Revenue Service
Texas Comptroller
United States Senate

Texas State Board


Economic Links

Federal Reserve Banks
Bureau of Labor Statistics
United States Treasury
World Bank
World Trade Organization

Bureau of Economic Analysis
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
United Nations
Securities and Exchange Commission

Dismal Scientist
Data for Economists
Living Yield Curve
EconMagic Data SourceThe Economist

Finance Links

Prentice Hall: Links to other sites

Calculator Tutorials
: HP and TI finance calculator information

Ohio State
: Outstanding starting point for financial information

Lexis-Nexis: Academic Universe; access to business information

Time Value of Money


Cost of Capital


Dividend Policy

International Finance

Derivative Products

Finance Journals



Capital Budgeting


Financing Financial Link Pages

Company Information and Analysis



Banking Links

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Office of Comptroller of Currency
United States Treasury
Federal Reserve
Bank Site Directory
BankRate Monitor

American Bankers AssociationInternet Based Banks
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Texas Bankers Association
Banking Information Center

Bank Examination Manual from FDIC
Dallas Federal Reserve Bank

Chicago Merc Interest Rate Options
UBPR Reports
Federal Home Loan Banks

Investment Links

Dow Jones
New York Stock Exchange
Equity Exchanges
Clear Station
Big Charts
Vanguard Funds
T. Rowe Price
Fidelity Funds
Microsoft Money Central
Mutual Fund Connection

Personal Finance Links

Investor Guide.com
Personal Finance Basics: One person's view
Smart Money
Investment FAQ's: See the title
CareerPath: Career Research & Info
Widgette: Useful personal planning info
FinanCenter: Calculators & Comparisons
Kiplinger: Familiar but still effective
MSN MoneyCentral

International Links

Oanda: Nice source for currency quotes, etc. Extensive site
Currency Rates:Interactive Currency Table
Exchange Rate Research: Interesting source of historical FX information
World Markets: Ohio State's site on world markets
Derivatives 'zine: Neat site r.e. derivative products
Chicago Merc: LOTS of information on FX
EURO: Info about the new Euro currency
International Trade: U.S. Census Bureau info on world trade
Yahoo: World Regions Good starting point to access country information
Office of Trade & Analysis: No shortage of information!
Dept. of Commerce: Current BOP data, etc.
Site Based Investment Information: Pick your region and get information
World Trade Organization: As the name implies
Currencies of the world

Course Text Support Sites

Brigham & Daves: Intermediate Financial Management, 8th Edition
Brigham & Houston: Fundamentals of Financial Management, Concise 6th Edition
Applied Corporate Finance: A User's Manual  Aswath Damodaran


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