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"Give about two hours every day to exercise, for health must not be sacrificed to learning. A strong body makes the mind strong." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Our Fitness program offers you the opportunity to stay fit and help relive the stress that comes with being a student. Fitness offers programs with the Shape-Up Program and Weight Watchers. 



Shape-Up is a program offered through Fitness. This program offers many great opportunities to get active in aerobics, water aerobics, and yoga just to name a few. Our staff is ready to help you with all of your fitness needs to get in shape or stay in shape. 

Printable schedule of classes.

Schedule of Classes

Fall 2015 Shape-Up Schedule
August 24 - December 11

Senior Swim
7 a.m., MWF, VHAC Pool, Instructor: Elosia Reyna-Brooks

Water Aerobics
12:30 p.m., MTTh, VHAC Pool, Instructor:
6 p.m., MW, VHAC Mirror Room, Instructor: Erin Burrus
6 p.m., TTh, VHAC Mirror Room, Instructor: Erin Burrus
7 p.m., MTWTh, VHAC Mirror Room, Instructor: Paschelle Hudson
Water Aerobics
5:30 p.m., TTh, VHAC Pool, Instructor: Pebbie Comer
Power Yoga
6 p.m., W, VHAC Room 211, Instructor: Edward Truitt
Shoto Kan Karate
7 p.m., MTh, VHAC Room 211, Instructor: Glen Stocker

You must be a member of the VHAC in order to participate in the classes. Sorry there are no refunds.

Students - FREE!!!
WTAMU Faculty or Staff - $45 per session
Community Members- $60 per session

For more information, contact Justin Cornelsen at 806-651-2330 or come by room 124 in the Activities Center.

Classes follow the academic calendar. Class schedules are subject to change. A class may be canceled due to low enrollment or low attendance. If this occurs, you will have the option of joining another class. All participants will need to fill out the proper paperwork in order to participate in the shape up classes.

Aerobic instructors needed for all types of classes and times! Those interested please call Justin Cornelsen at 806-651-2330. Certified applicants only.

We will be adding more classes as instructors are hired so check back periodically for updates.