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Academic Advising and Greenlighting

Academic advising is a process that helps students map out a plan for academic success and ensure that their goals are met. During advising, the student becomes eligible to register using West Texas A&M University’s online registration system, Buff Advisor, through a process called “greenlighting.” Advising and greenlighting begin approximately one month after the beginning of the fall or spring semesters.

Who must be advised and greenlighted?

All undergraduate students must be advised and greenlighted every semester to be eligible for registration:

  • Students with fewer than 30 hours, undecided majors, most BGS (Bachelor of General Studies) majors, and most BAAS (Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences) majors, must visit Advising Services.
  • Students with 31-45 hours may visit Advising Services or their major departments as determined by departmental preference.
  • Students with more than 45 hours visit their major departments.

NOTE: Some programs recommend and a few require that all their major students, regardless of the number of hours completed, be pre-advised in the department before being greenlighted in Advising Services. For more information about department advisers and advising policies, refer to the Department Advisers web page.

Changes of Academic Program

Students with 45 or more hours who have not been assigned an adviser, who wish to change their adviser, or who wish to change their major should contact the department of their major and request an appointment to complete a change of adviser/major form. Once completed, the form should be taken to the Office of the Registrar for updating of the student record. For a list of the bachelor's degrees conferred at WTAMU, please refer to the degree and program offerings page.


Students who have been advised and greenlighted are eligible for winter intersession and spring 2015 registration using Buff Advisor on specific dates based upon their classification:

  • Current graduate students and seniors can register on November 1, 2014
  • Current junior students can register on November 5, 2014
  • Current sophomore students can register on November 10, 2014
  • Current freshmen students can register on November 17, 2014
  • All new or returning students not currently enrolled can register on November 24, 2014

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Affected Students

Students who have not met all Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements, regardless of the number of credit hours completed, must register in Advising Services; they are not eligible to use Buff Advisor for registration until TSI is completed. The TSI-affected student with 45 or more hours must first be advised and greenlighted by the major departmental adviser and then further advised in the Office of Advising Services regarding TSI compliance.

Individual Approval (IA) Students

New students admitted through the individual admission (IA) program, must register in Advising Services; they are not eligible to use Buff Advisor for registration until conditions of their probationary admission have been completed.