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Vanessa Alanis, M.A., West Texas A&M University, Office FAC 111

"It is the best feeling in the world to see and hear the communication transformation in a student from the first day to the last. Anthony Robbins once said, 'Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader's success. He can accomplish nothing unless he can communicate effectively.' Being involved in a student's journey from the first class day, when a student is too afraid to even say their name - to volunteering first for their last speech, is amazing satisfaction as a teacher." - Vanessa Alanis, Part Time Instructor for the Department of Communication

Paola Albarran, M.A., West Texas A&M University, Office FAC 113
"There is nothing better than waking up early in the morning and driving to Canyon, knowing that I can be part of a student's life and make a difference in their journey. I have always enjoyed learning and I strive to give my students that same enjoyment from learning. Passion is a key ingredient to life... Let's be proud to be Buffs!!"
- Paola Duarte-Marin Albarran, News Anchor/Reporter/ Producer at Telemundo Amarillo
Martin Lopez, M.A., West Texas A&M University, Office OLD SUB 112D
"It's a real joy to teach an overview of communications to our WTAMU students and to help them discover the tools to become effective public speakers. I love helping them understand how communications impacts their daily lives and their personal and work relationships." - Martin Lopez, Executive Director of Special Programs
 Victoria Salas, M.A., West Texas A&M University, Office KRC 159a
"I have come full circle! I am a WTAMU alumni and being able to teach students here is an amazing experience. I love seeing their excitement and enjoy their sense of adventure as they experience college life for the first time. What a gift to be part of their journey as a college student." - Victoria Salas, McNair Program Academic Coordinator

 Larry Lemmons, M.F.A., University of Washington, Seattle, Office FAC 261

"Today Mass Communication is pervasive. It's a discipline so obvious sometimes it's easy to miss. So it's all the more important to listen and watch and hear and see what's being communicated. This is our collective voice. This is our story." - Larry Lemmons, Part Time Instructor for the Department of Communication

Sarah Vartabedian, PhD, University of Texas, Austin, Office FAC 112
"Albert Einstein said, 'It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.' I, too, see teaching as a joyful entanglement in the world of ideas where both students and teachers are encouraged to learn more about themselves and their world everyday." - Sarah Vartabedian, Part Time Instructor for the Department of Communication

Laurel Vartabedian, PhD, University of Oklahoma, Office, FAC 112

"As a teacher, I think of myself as both a guide and participant in a journey that is creative, that conects ideas, and that reinforces common goals. I've enjoyed collaborating in that journey with my students at WTAMU!" - Laurel Vartabedian, Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Lacy Venhaus, M.A. West Texas A&M University, Office FAC 113


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